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Stylish Cladding Material


Cedar, in particular Red Western Cedar is probably the most well-known cladding material available today.  Native to North America, the finest Canadian timber is virtually knot free and has excellent resistance to decay with a life expectancy in excess of 60 years!  This softwood has beautiful red/gold tones, making it a popular choice for all forms of external construction from roofing to boat building.

Iroko Material

Iroko is a hardwood which originates from the west coast of tropical Africa.  Iroko is a very durable timber with a lifespan of 50-60 years without regular treatment, making it ideal for external cladding.  Like most timber, iroko will ‘Silver’ with age but this can be prevented with anti-UV treatments if desired.

Siberian Larch

Larch is a softwood commonly found in the Boreal forests of Siberian and Canada.  Although classified as a softwood, Siberian larch is extremely dense and hardwearing making it the perfect material for decking and cladding.  Untreated, it is resistant to rot with a life expectancy of over 50 years, but regular treatment can double its lifespan.  Charring the timber can add to the overall life expectancy and this style has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Green Oak material
Green Oak

Sourced from managed forests in England and Wales, green oak is a traditional cladding material often described as being straw coloured.  Typically dense and hardwearing, green oak shrinks and distorts slightly as it dries resulting in a rustic appearance.  The material weathers with age and will ‘silver’ when exposed to UV light, much like other timber products.  The life expectancy is between 30-60 years dependant on location.

Composite Cladding

Composite cladding is a durable material made from 78% recycled timber and plastics.  Available in a range of colours, this fire-resistant product is a popular choice for those wanting a maintenance free option.

Zinc & Copper Sheet

Zinc and copper sheet materials have been used in construction for decades and offer a stylish alternative to traditional timber cladding.  A life expectancy of between 70 – 100 years make these materials a great choice for all forms of external cladding and roofing.

Corten Steel Sheet

Corten steel sheeting or ‘Weathering Steel’ is an alloy of steel, copper, chromium, nickle and phosphorus which has an increased resistance to surface corrosion. The carefully produced rust forms a protective barrier to further corrosion resulting in a striking patina of dark brown/orange tones. This contemporary material looks superb when installed alongside more traditional cladding materials, won’t stain other surfaces when sealed and will last decades.

Rainscreen Cladding

Solid engineered rainscreen panels are available in a vast array of different colours and finishes. Commonly used on external façades, their water, weather and UV resistant properties make them a perfect choice for garden room cladding. Used in conjunction with more traditional materials, rainscreen cladding can achieve an eye-catching, unique finish, which really stands out from the crowd.

Monocouch Render

Single coat, silicone or acrylic render systems are a popular choice of external weatherproofing, available in a huge variety of different colours. Hard wearing, with a life expectancy of around 25 years, they require very little maintenance as the render is ‘through coloured’ so no painting is required.

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